Executive Liability Solutions

Because Stuff Happens.


With a growing number of firms now considering management liability products for increased protection — particularly as exposure to cyber liability seems to increase with every byte of transferred data — there’s a growing demand for sophisticated, nuanced, but highly pragmatic insurance products. Founded by Brian Houghlin in 2005, Executive Liability Solutions is an independent wholesale broker specializing in management-liability insurance products, such as Directors and Officers Liability, Errors and Omissions Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Network Security (“Cyber”) Liability and related products.

Simply stated (well, as simply as we can state it, anyway), executive liability insurance covers the exposure faced by directors, officers, managers, and business entities that arise from governance, finance, benefits, and management activities. To meet these needs, we’ve spent years developing excellent relationships with the senior management of all management-liability insurers . . . backed up by savvy and experience, which we put to work for you and your clients, securing market solutions designed and built to meet an increasingly demanding range of management-liability insurance needs.

Why should you choose Executive Liability Solutions? Because we know what’s important to you and we know how to treat our clients and customers. How good are we? Well, so good we even have a list:

  • You’ll enjoy peace of mind when you choose Executive Liability Solutions to secure the precise coverage and program structure that your client needs.
  • We’ll treat you well and provide superior service — from the moment you call to make initial contact to the moment you call to renew your client’s policy.
  • We’re experienced. We know what the market will bear and are wholly equipped to secure optimal coverage on your behalf.
  • We’ll take the time we need and you deserve to truly help you understand your client’s insurance coverage options and how we can best help you.
  • We’ll always do the right thing. We’re independent and offer true advice, unsullied by corporate agendas.
  • We cost you nothing for our services and we are committed to paying top commissions to our retail agency partners.

Oh, and one last thing — unlike most people in our business, we’re actually fun to work with. Just email Brian and get him to tell you that joke about the actuary, the underwriter, and the insurance salesperson riding in a car. (The salesperson’s got his foot on the gas, the underwriter’s got his foot on the brake, and the actuary’s looking out the back window telling them where to go.)

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