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With the number of innovations we’ve made in Executive Liability, you’d think we didn’t have anything else to do.

case-studiesWell, we don’t.

The therapists were right — we’re wired for this sort of thing. Every day at Executive Liability Solutions is like a little slice of Paradise. Why? Because we pretty much live to find the very best products for our necessarily picky clients . . . and we’re the kind of folk who love to spend days poring through mountains of data and engineering the ideal product for their needs.

We’ve been doing this a long, long time (over two decades, actually), so we’ve accumulated a long list of clients. Every now and then (unfortunately) one of them has to call us with bad news — which means we get to prove how awesome we are. Read on for a collection of magnificent conclusions:


Cassandra’s Hairdressing Salon was burgled with the offenders breaking in by maliciously damaging the door and locks. A lot of hair products had been stolen and repairs were required to the door and locks. Cassandra had a GIO Business Insurance policy against burglary and had valued her stock at $8,000 and the store’s contents at $2,000. Cassandra filed her claim with GIO, but the claim for her contents exceeded the $2,000 sum she had insured.

On investigation, GIO Business Insurance saw that she had blanket cover that could extend right up to the $10,000 amount and the entire claim was paid. This demonstrated the flexibility of cover provided and the willingness of GIO claims staff to fully investigate the cover offered.

ProMedia Contracting

Garry had a Trade Business Insurance policy with GIO and filed a claim with GIO. The Claims officer who received the call quickly confirmed his policy and settled the claim on the spot. The whole transaction was completed within 24 hours.

Impressario Dining

Donna owned a Café that was doing quite well until heavy rain from a storm caused water damage to the café’s floor coverings. Donna had a GIO Business Insurance policy so she lodged a claim for the damage along with a quotation to replace the flooring.

After gaining a little more information from Donna, GIO had no hesitation in approving her claim. They were waiting on a report from a qualified repairer but took Donna’s word and paid the claim within five days of receiving it.

Spa America

When the local council completely stopped access to Vanessa’s salon, her business naturally came to a grinding halt. A water pipe had broken in the street outside her shop. What’s more, the water and electricity supplies had both been shut down for safety reasons. So there was no power, now water and no customers!

Fortunately, Vanessa had taken out business interruption insurance with GIO Business Insurance. This covered her for loss of income and wages. It also helped her pay her outgoings while the shop was closed. Happily, the closure only lasted a week and with the cash settlement from GIO covering one week’s business interruption, Vanessa hardly felt the pain at all.

Trotsky’s Ice

An ice delivery company had borrowed a PDA (Personal Data Assistant) printer from its Ice suppliers. When the printer ‘disappeared’ from the back of their truck, the delivery company lodged an insurance claim for consideration. There was no forcible or violent entry involved, it had just disappeared.

While they didn’t own the printer, they felt responsible for its loss. A copy of the original purchase invoice was provided which showed that the printer was less than one year old.

GIO Business Insurance granted a settlement to the delivery company who then replaced the PDA printer for their suppliers. They were very grateful for all the assistance provided by the claims specialist.

So there you have it. If you want to hear or read about more stories that demonstrate our capability (yes, we know we’re bragging), please call or email us. We wrote the book on happy endings.

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