Executive Liability Solutions

As an independent wholesaler, I’m not influenced by corporate agendas. (Except yours, of course.)


Brian’s a manly sort of man, but don’t let the bullwhip and swagger fool you. Beneath the vaquero exterior beats the heart of a perfectionist with the soul of an actuary. Moreover, his outgoing (some would say insouciant) personality belies a very serious background, which includes great experience in the following areas:

Directors and Officers Liability For Non-Profit Entities

Enhanced with automatic coverage for leased employees, volunteers, or independent contractors, expanded definition of a claim to include non-monetary demands or injunctive relief, and more.

Directors and Officers Liability for Private Companies or Publicly Traded Companies

Offering investigative cost coverage for derivative demands, extended coverage for investigations of individual insureds, roadshow coverage, and more.

Directors and Officers Select Coverage

Select coverage for Directors and Officers (D&O) offers an efficient way for multinationals to secure D&O liability insurance aligned with local laws, regulations and customs worldwide.

Financial Institution Bonds

Four different bonds tailored to protect a broad range of financial institutions in the event of a loss of property or assets due to computer theft,funds transfer fraud, employee dishonesty, forgery, theft on premises, among other things.


Protection for companies with publicly traded securities in the event a securities investigation were to occur.

Kidnap, Ransom, and Extortion

Comprehensive insurance coverage to protect business travelers, high net worth individuals and their families against the crisis events of kidnap-for-ransom, extortion, threat or disappearance, that can occur both in the U.S. and abroad while traveling or residing away from home.

Representations and Warranties Insurance

Insurance for both buyers and sellers involved in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures or other business transactions offering protection from financial loss due to inaccuracies in representations and warranties.

Side-A Directors and Officers Liability

Side A directors and officers liability insurance provides directors and officers with an additional level of defense to protect their personal assets as a result of adverse litigation.

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