Executive Liability Solutions

Taking liability where no liability has gone before.


Originally from Taylorsville, Kentucky, Brian (known affectionately in the business as The Dude) began his insurance career with Chubb, working in various underwriting and management positions in their Executive Protection Department.

Later on, he worked for a national broker serving on their executive committee, managing their Midwest Region’s brokerage operation, which covered 14 offices and required him to place in excess of $300 million in annual premiums. In this role, he consulted on and designed management-liability insurance programs for Fortune 1000 firms.

In 2005, recognizing an opportunity in the high-risk insurance market, Brian made the decision to boldly go where no man from Taylorsville had ever gone before — and founded Executive Liability Solutions. His outgoing, curious, and relentlessly detail-oriented personality is a perfect fit in a field that demands an almost-forensically clinical approach to problem-solving. Good-humored and passionate about his work, Brian is easy to do business with, but demanding when it comes to finding the best products for his clients.

A quick look through the testimonials on this site will assure you you’re in the right hands when the time comes to secure coverage on those difficult-but-critical exotic insurance programs. So give Brian a call or email him for information.

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